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Want to speed up the process of creating a Robots.txt file and not make any mistakes? Use WebPeak's robot generator. This feature comes at no extra cost.

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Robots Generator

Tool to Generate Robots.txt

The Robots.txt file is essential for the accessibility of your website pages. Without it, users can't find your pages, and search engines can't either (that's a big problem).

  • The next level of website design

  • Discover a new way to build websites

  • Make into almost to easy can to do.

Who can see your site?

With the Robots.txt generator you know exactly which search engines and tools can or cannot look at your pages. This quickly and transparently for you.


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Elevamos o poder de suas analises com integrações nativas, que ajudam na obtenção de dados do seu projeto e mais informações dos seus competidores.

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What is WebPeak's tool?

We are the first platform with advanced SEO & Marketing features in Brazil. We are the first to enable a solution with Support and knowledge Bases in Portuguese and Payments in Real (Boleto Bancario and Pix). KEEP IN MIND: this is a platform and not a magic formula.

Por que assinar a ferramenta da WebPeak?

Our technology simplifies all the routines related to analysis of websites, with a strategic focus on SEO and other digital marketing origins. The tool counts with extremely complete and detailed knowledge bases to simplify the usability of all the features. Using the tool solution, you have the best return on investiment comparing with other tools available in the market.

How does the tool work?

This is a complete platform, a strong ally of companies that invest in their websites, because it makes possible a quick diagnosis with an action plan to perform the needed corrections. Our technology works 100% online, it is not necessary to insert any script in the code of your website.

Can I ask for my money back?

We offer a guarantee of money back within 7 days in all our plans. Sent us your request to and we will reimburse the payment if the request was made within up to 7 days after the subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription when I want?

Yes, you can! We respect all the local laws and guarantee that there will be no charges after the cancellation.